Evolving Creatures

In the left pane, the simulation will happen. In the right pane, you can control the rules for the simulation. The color of each creature has an effect on the statistics of that creature:

B = Spontaneous birth chance (probability that one of those creatures will just pop into existence)
D = Death chance (probability that one of those creatures will die)
R = Replication chance (probability that one of those creatures will be born from another one)

You can add a color of creature by clicking anywhere in the right pane. It will prompt you to enter B, D and R. A big circle will appear with the B, D and R values in it.

You can also add mutations from one creature type to another, by pressing keys. For example if you type "0" then "1", it will add a mutation chance from blue to green. It will prompt the mutation rate. When you're done, an arrow will appear connecting blue and green. Here's how you add mutations between other colors:

0 = blue
1 = green
2 = red
3 = orange
4 = white

Finally, there's a "Crowding Coefficient", which you can use to simulate competition. The crowding coefficient will make creatures more likely to die if they are...well, crowded! Like for example, if the crowding coefficient is 0.001, then for every 10 new creatures formed, it will become 1 percentage point more likely to die for every creature. You can change the crowding coefficient by clicking the button below 👇